COVID-19 Secure Guidelines

Our precautions and safety measures

Safety Procedures You Can Observe

1. If you have travelled from a COVID-19 positive area, or come into contact with COVID-19 in the past 2-weeks, we ask that you attend online only.

2. If you are currently sick or have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend service.

3. For those who are at greater risk, i.e. the elderly and or those who have underlying health issues, and those who feel nervous or uncomfortable about attending church at this time; we strongly advise that you continue to live stream the services for the time being.

4. Please avoid using cash or cheque offerings/donations. Please use our online giving. During service, church attendees will not pass around the offering bucket. Instead, our ushers will collect all tithes and offerings/donations.

Safety Procedures We Will Observe

1. EVERY PERSON will be required to sanitise their hands on entering the building.

2. We will be taken every person’s temperature before entering the building.

3. We will be adhering to and practising the the Government social distancing guidelines, including refraining from handshaking and hugging, etc.

4. Attendees will be seated where possible by family or by their support bubble, but with distancing between seats of non-family member.

5. We have put in place extra clearing and sanitisation of all facilities and common area before and after each service.

Cleaning Management System

1.  Half an hour before our service, all main areas of contact including door handles, chairs, pews will be sanitised with antibacterial wipes.

2. Ladies and gentlemen lavatories will be constantly monitored every half an hour to 45 minutes.

3. After each service, we strongly advise friends and families members of our congregation to leave the building out into the open air, so that the building may be sanitised after use.

Additional Information

– There will be NO baby nurseries.

– There will be NO serving of teas or coffees.

– There will be NO church hymn books.

– We strongly advise you to NOT to share bible; please bring your own.

– We will NOT be making it compulsory to wear a mask.

– We WILL however have masks available at the church, should someone wish for one.


Senior Pastor,

Jimmy Robinson